Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Foodie Feast


Before I start, I was hailed today! But not by devoted subjects; rather, those little balls of frozen water...


I had a chat this evening with Blue about food. I went food shopping today (hence being caught in the rain) to stock up the fridge, and we were talking about our sense of food. When to turn off the heat, and how we somehow know what flavours will go together, or what seasonings to add to any dish. She said I seem like someone who would experiment in the kitchen. (Of course I would do more if I had my own kitchen.)

Blue also said it sounds as if I enjoy shopping for food. I stopped a moment to ponder that, and you know...she is right. Food inspires me, although I like it too much to work with it (do not want to go off it). I do enjoy picking up ingredients or dishes, and imagining what it will be like to eat them, how I will prepare them, what they will taste like.

So this is what I bought today, and it's more exciting than usual:
  • another veal escalope (been itching for this since I had the first one last week!) but I restrained myself and cooked instead the next one on the list, which Blue chose for me
  • Moghul Court Chicken with kohlrabi, sundried aubergine (eggplant), coriander leaf, in an almond and yoghurt sauce. I made coriander garlic rice to go with it. Not used to yoghurt-curries and am not sure I liked it that much.
  • Pork escalopes in a gruyere cheese and 3 mustard crumble. Maybe with mashed potato.
  • Cinnamon and honey-rubbed duck breast tournedos wrapped around a kumquat and ginger stuffing, with a citrus jus. With this I plan to do lightly stir-fried Asian noodles.
  • Chicken enchiladas from M&S - nothing like in Mexico - sort of their own version, but nice in its own right
  • and finally, some Yorkshire puddings just because they always come in handy with gravy on a cold Sunday
An exciting tip: try adding a dash of hot English mustard and/or a bit of rough-cut Dijon to your gravy and see what you think. Just kicks it up a notch!


Vanessa, you have sooooo much catching up to do on here.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

see, didn't i tell you ;)

you didn't tell me, how was your dinner ;) ?
wish it was delicious.. YUMMY YUMMY

Rebecca said...

Duder, one question: where did you get veal escalopes? I went to Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's AND Partridges and could find NONE. I found ground veal (who uses that?) but no escalopes!

Olivia said...

Blue - Well now you and everyone else knows.

Rebecca - they are Dutch veal escalopes from Waitrose. However, I picked up the last one! Depends what time you go - I think they're popular.
Maybe ground veal makes a particularly succulent spaghetti bolognese?

Jia Li said...

sounds yummm liv

I made a stir fry Moose yesterday! MMMMM Moose...

Anonymous said...

where do I start? I think a need a two hour block to catch up here.....Maybe this weekend.

Olivia said...

Jia - Moose? What does it taste like? ...and don't say beef.

Anonymous said...

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