Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Asian Duck Dinner [Edited]

Before I forget what I did, this is for those of you who wanted to know.
Just eyeball your amounts, use your discretion, it will be fine. This is what cooking is all about.

Pak Choi:
Chop and saute in toasted sesame oil cut with a bit of extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper
a few slices of Thai green chilli
some roughly chopped coriander leaves and a handful of spring onion

Duck fillet strips:
Fry to brown edges in olive oil with a bit of salt, pepper, and herbes de provence
Remove from pan

Add more olive oil to the pan if needed
a crushed clove of garlic (and the rest of the chilli if you wish)
a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce
a teaspoon or so of soy sauce
a teaspoon of honey
slightly caramelise
add ready medium or fine rice noodles
drop in the duck
sprinkle at the last minute with coriander leaves, spring onion and toasted sesame seeds

Serve and enjoy, preferably with a rose or sweetish white wine.

[Edit: I had forgotten to mention the soy sauce!]

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