Friday, October 07, 2005


I ate the veal escalope for dinner with a glass of Cotes du Rhone and I enjoyed it. I had no cream and a dead apple so I didn't follow the Anonymous (Delightful) recipe, so this is what I did: Lightly dusted it with flour mixed with salt, black pepper and herbes de provence, and pan fried in a mix of light and virgin olive oil.

This is a flavour that will return to haunt me...and I am going to build some serious jaw muscles if I keep it up!

Tomorrow, strips of duck fillet...I will let you know what I do with that.


I went for my Benefit makeover this afternoon, thanks to the not very suitable tint I own.
And, um, I feel ... a bit too made-up. :(
But she told me I have beautiful eyelashes :D


Delightful fainted this week, tore his knee ligaments and had to go to hospital. So he's gone home to mummy and daddy this weekend to "play the enfeebled cripple" and get pampered.
He was up to more than 12 miles, so let's hope he can do the November marathon after all.


If any of you are interested, there's a spate of mouse stories going around on 20six, so if you pay my little 20Six blog a visit you can read the story!

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Jia Li said...

I used to work with a Co worker who thought I had MAD Eyelashes, well I can't wear Mascara, it smears my glasses...really
That long, and they always seem messy, not neat. They are so long that they tangle.

ooh gotta jet