Thursday, October 20, 2005

Il Ciclone

Clogs is quite cool, he is always lending me DVDs when he borrows them from coworkers.
So I watched the Italian film Il Ciclone last night. It is quite a task finding the English subtitles for an Italian movie on a Japanese DVD.

It's about a slightly eccentric family in Tuscany, whose boring lives are changed by the accidental arrival of 5 flamenco dancers from Madrid. Lots of small-town humour and embarrassing situations. Italian humour is so cute. Odd thing, though, the Spanish dialogue didn't get subtitled.

I definitely recommend it.

Hey Rebecca, I unwittingly started the canon of good films...Have you seen this one?


And tonight, I am watching Unfaithful with Diane Lane, Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez. To be reviewed later...

I know I have been in London long enough when I thought the car was on the wrong side of the road.
And you know Richard Gere is getting old when he plays the older husband whose wife cheats on him.


Lugano said...

nice spam.

I saw il Ciclone! So did Rebecca. It's famous in italy and we like all of Pieraccione's movies. Try to find Fuochi d'artificio and I Laureati, although all his movies are kind of similar

Nightlegend said...

Unfaithful is not a masterpiece but it's enjoyable ,hope you have a good DVD session!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow, Ciclone is almost a cult film! he he. Yeah, Pieraccioni is a very famous Tuscan comedian. This one and the two my brother quoted are his first three films and, like he says, are all quite similar but all have you laughing out loud. He did a couple after those which were no good. But get the other two, if you enjoyed Il Ciclone you'll like them.

Good for you. Where did CLogs get it? Random! Def part of the canon. And I add Smoke to that!

Olivia said...

Lugano & Rebecca - I can't always delete my spam, the trash icon sometimes disappears.
I will look out for the other two films.

Clogs borrows them from friends and colleagues in his tight Japanese network.

Olivia said...

Nightlegend - welcome. No, not a masterpiece, and not exactly enjoyable for me either, but I will elaborate in my review.

MattJ said...

Hello again, back after extended absence! lol! You've been positively blogtastic of late, I will have to play some catch up!

I'm off to London tomorrow to look at things I can't afford, figure I live so clsoe it's about time I had a good old mooch. Did you recommend Camden Road as a good place, I can't remember.

Recommendations please. :-p

PS sorry for Hijacking this post, copuldnt find the one where you mentioned shopping.

Olivia said...

Welcome back, Matt! We missed your random rants around here.

Indeed it was I who recommended Camden Market. It'll be great on a Saturday.
Second recommendation might be Covent Garden.

I'm no expert when it comes to shopping, and where you go depends on what you're looking for.
Let me know if you have any success.

I saw your post about the doughnuts and I was so envious I couldn't speak!

MattJ said...

Lol! had the desired effect on Red Leader too! Actually all I am looking for is a black and red hooped jumper/tshirt.

Am also off to UCL to look at new computers and perhaps blow a huge wodge of cash. (credit! lol!)

Jia Li said...

Oh darn it, I burned the bottom of my Chocolate chip cookies...

Good film, Lola Rennt(Run Lola Run) is one of my Faves and Bend it like Beckham...I'm all over the spectrum ain't I.

Olivia said...

Matt - Do you mean striped?
I bet you will find it in Camden then. If not there, then Carnaby Street.

And at UCL you will be near to the electronics heaven called Tottenham Court Road! Be careful!

Helmi said...

Thanks for the film reviews, Olivia.

Karachi's DVD shops have a great variety on offer (including a lot of American crap)but at one US$ it's great fun to add to a growing collection. I wish I had more time to watch the whole lot that's gathering dust in my shelves.

One more question: Who is the new lady in your profile box? Pre-Raphaelite?

Cheers from Karachi

Olivia said...

Yes Helmi, she is from my Pre-Raphaelite folder. I will tell you all about her in my next post.