Sunday, July 10, 2005

Babblings of a .... mind

Isn't it annoying when you get so clean in the shower that the soap won't rinse off?

Anyway, tangent there. It's a hot day in London. Just when I was going to iron AND bake, thereby hotting up the kitchen to an unbearable degree. And only a few days ago I was shivering in a cardigan, hoping we hadn't just blinked and missed summer.

I know London was my first home, but I'm feeling "homesick" for the place I spent nearly half my life:

Welcome Home...The Woodlands

Check it out, you won't believe it's Texas!

I spent a few hours yesterday talking to my friends in Houston, Vanessa and Jason. We were part of an inseparable quartet at university. V and I were roomies and so were Jason and Johnny. Residence life, sneaky buggers, moved J & J from down the hall in the first year, to across the hall the next year. Best of all, the year after that when the dorms closed, we were put into two university houses while everyone else was shunted off to the Marriott (?)

Jason, remember not to leave all the commenting to the lovely people I have never met ;)
You should tell the Sake bottle story some time and I'll post it here.
Furthermore, you know you said you wanted a nickname? I could give you one but I wouldn't use it because I tend not to nickname my friends on this blog.

Let's about Porsche Dude? Or Beer Mat? Haha!

Vanessa could be Butterfly or Mai Thai. (Play on words there: in India, Mai is a bossy mother, then Thai with the h because she was over there for ages...)

The guy upstairs is Clogs simply because his feet are so loud, and that's all I know about him, apart from a couple more things.

Then there was the Fig (eaten by the birds). Nuff said.

Jia Li (Michelle) has given us all her own nickname which means beautiful and strong.

And now there's Delightful Company. It was either that or Mr Bingley from Pride & Prejudice because they're equally sweet, but I stuck to Delightful because he sounded pretty chuffed about it.

My brain tells me I'm presently in the process of properly putting my foot in it...

Um, maybe I should go and punish myself with some heavy ironing and then bake that cake after all. Peace offering.



Anonymous said...

Fun little entry you got here. I like the nicknames, they are fitting. Except, do you really think I am that bossy??
I never bother ironing if it is tooo hot.

Olivia said...

OK Vee, maybe not *bossy* per se, but certainly pretty efficient and organised, with yourself and other people...
Is that better?

P.S. I did the ironing after all: 5 pairs of jeans, a few shirts, tops, and a cotton jacket. Whew!

Rebecca said...

Oooh, cuuute! he he he!

And who wouldn't be chuffed by that nickname, nice touch!

Anonymous said...

That's better, cheers.
You got courage to do all that ironing.