Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Oooooooooowwwwwwwwww! I tried to put on my slippers and ended up kicking the corner of the wall instead! I've just stubbed 3 toes. Even I don't know how I missed an entire piece of footwear.


Kellogg's has inveigled me into eating a box of Special K with Yogurt flakes. In a whole bowl of cereal I spotted only one Yogurt flake. Now I have to finish the box. Just because I wanted a change from the usual soy and linseed loaf.

Well...I suppose at my age, I'm approaching the Special K demographic...


Things are getting fun out here. Yesterday a car drove by blaring very cool Jazz through its open windows.
Just now, Abba whizzed past.
It's all better than boom-boom-boom.


Yesterday in the Tube, I actually smiled with someone!!! There was a whiff of fish in the carriage, I and the girl opposite were both sniffing and looking around for the source. When we locked eyes, we exchanged a conspiratorial grin.

So let's see - is that perhaps the 5th time I've smiled at a stranger in London?


This is art history for you. I am hand-writing a cover letter as requested by the gallery to which I am applying. I am also required to attach a recent photograph.
When was the last time you did that?


Who can tell me why I named this post "Mezze"?


Jia Li said...

A photograph!

GuineaPig said...

wow.... nice smattering of stuff.... i liked the rundown!

thanks for visiting me.

you made me smile.


Rebecca said...

You called it Mezze because it was a series of short tid bits, like a selection of mezze at an Eastern Mediterranean restaurant, Greek or Lebanese.

Did you know in the US it is illegal for employers to ask for a photo of candidates? It is actually against the law. It's a strange thing, I can sort of see the reasoning, but then I consider ability to present one's self as an asset, like any other. So a photograph can help get that across no?

Steliano Ponticos said...

Yep I think its just like rebecca said.

Oh my god olivia 5 smiles, that's huge. Today I smiled at someone I don't know too :)

The Tour de france blocked the whole town today..I had to walk to work, which is like in another town :( my feet

Anonymous said...

Where is the Tour de France right now? In the southern regions?

5 smiles!!! Pretty soon you'll lose count.....I hope.

Mezze, Rebecca's guess is pretty good. i'll go with that.


Olivia said...

Brava, Rebecca!
On a side note, I got the photo paper out to print one, then forgot and sent the bally CV and letter off...no photo.

I know it's not done in the US, and I see the thinking behind it here - I mean, you're representing a gallery not an archive.

Olivia said...

Hey Vanesse, you posted this while I was writing the other one.

We will have to ask Steliano where the TdF is now. Lance is still winning...!

Yes V and +) of course you would know Mezze as well.