Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I've been thinking about the blogging demographic.

I first learned about it from a 20Sixer in my personal acquaintance. Being of an independent bent, rather than pitching my tent on 20Six, I did a bit of research and found that Blogger would suit me best. Technically, I've been blogging for years. I've kept a diary for nearly 20 years, but a few years ago, long before I knew what blogging was I began to write my real thoughts down and call it spouting.

In my blog trawlings and gap-bridging, I've noticed that each blogsite attracts different sorts of people.

Intellectual, semi-poetic, somewhat academic, cultured and eclectic deep thinkers thirsting for a broad knowledge of the world. A sense of fun and gentle camaraderie pervades the welcoming atmosphere. Small but loyal followings complete the sense of community.

Serial bloggers who post lots of spur-of-the-moment digital pictures to illustrate random points, create witty webcomics, and crack you up with one-liner posts with the odd smattering of surrealism. The huge fan bases tend to meet up in pubs from time to time.

The truly moody, poetic, philosophical types hide out here. They write profusely when inspired or conflicted, support each other during tough existential lows, and often read like a caffeinated creative writing conference. And they ALL talk about the moon.

Xanga & Livejournal:
Not sure, as I only know two people there, and they're siblings. Both faaabulously bonkers.

Legal Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author, who intends no offense to any party who reads aforementioned post.


eruditebaboon said...

you forgot one thing about 20six: we totally RULE! And we do all that poetic/philosophical/supporting stuff too. We just go to the pub more.

Caesura said...

LOL Olivia! You seem to have nailed them all! As a Mo’timer, my hell you definitely got it right. I read blogs on all of these sites and maybe 15 others…lol, and I concur wholeheartedly with your assessment. Sometimes when I am in that mood to just read read read read read, I will go randomly reading and let the “favorite blog links” take me wherever they will. You would be amazed for how long and to how many places you can go before you hit a dead end. Then you just the back button, pick a different link, and your off and running People and culture fascinate me. And yes, the moon, ah the moon…truly special. We all agree about that.

Thanks!!! I have been waiting for this one since you mentioned it :)

Olivia said... do? Like, WHEN?

Caesura -
whew! I haven't read as many as you have and there are always exceptions to the rule, but thanks for your endorsement.

eruditebaboon said...

just read a blog other than mine - they aren't all as simple minded as me!

Olivia said...

I just told you you're the Erudite B. Um, and I have read others, and still they crack me up! :P :P :P

eruditebaboon said...

look! Poetry!:
I'm trying too hard now aren't I?

Steliano Ponticos said...

WoW. Olivia, You should be PM of forget french people who just post their pictures to pick people up on the internet.

Olivia said...

EB - omg! He really needs to move to Motime! mean you???

Rebecca said...

Hey Ocean - did you see that? Awesome!

Thanks Artmeliana, I love that!!

Olivia said...

Woohoo. Steliano, I just thought about it. So now I'm:

Prime Minister Dr. Pr. Olivia M. Klonaris, BA, MPhil, RSB.

Cool. We need to get you a new title now. You can be my Minister of Culture and Information.


Rebecca - You're welcome! But I didn't say much about Xanga... :(

Steliano Ponticos said...

I like culture and information:

My Excellency Steliano Ponticos, Dr Pr RAB, The Minister Of culture and Information of Bloggland

by the ways is Bloggland a kingdome or a republic +)

Olivia said...

It's an Empire: see my sidebar. I'm thinking of converting it into a utopia within the next few years.

I forgot, I'm also a countess, right? This is too much...!

Steliano Ponticos said...

oh I forgot ... I don't mean me. No. It's french bloggers in general are like that.

Olivia said...


Steliano Ponticos said...

Cool, I was hoping it would be an Empire. Like Alexander's ;)

Olivia said...

Well I'm glad Your Excellency is pleased +)

Would love to RTB, but going into town.

GuineaPigPower said...

Hey Olivia!

Great assessment of bloggerland, I think.

Xanga is very juvenile and trendy. Not missing anything there.

Motime is kind of surreal. A bunch of emotionally single people short on Prozac, looking for some sense of validation or connection.

Blogger has a feel of detachment to it that makes it seem far more anonymous and "safe". Of course, this only holds true if you are able to keep it that way, which I clearly failed to do, and more than once.

And the moon phenomena in Motime is rather odd. Not sure what that's about. But I'm sure it has something to do with donuts. Cream-filled donuts, with sprinkles.

Anonymous said...

Michelle's mom here
Michelle ask me to drop u a note to let u know that she is working until Monday.
Michelle wanted to make sure u are ok after the latest news bulletin about what is happening in London and to let u know that she is thinking about u.

Olivia said...

GPP - thanks!
Yes, my friend Rebecca on Xanga is very trendy.

BTW, they've got donuts on 20Six too...

Olivia said...

Thank you for the note, Michelle's Mom - I'm OK. And some of us were missing her.

Rami said...

I know it's a bit late...
Glad to see you are ok :)

Rami said...

I just read your comment on Omar's Blog...well said
hope it will get published too :)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

from my exp. that is very little in fact, i tottally agree with you about the blogger theory u just said ;)

but i can't say anything about the rest, i havn't tried another blogging servoce but the MSN spaces, which i can say: the worst thing i've ever met. Dull, silly and boring.
even most of the people i've met there are shallow mided TRUELLY..

yet on blogger.. i met the BERRIES of the blog sphere, like u Slo And Jia dear :)

keep it going

Olivia said...

Thank you, Rami.

Blue - thank you for the lovely comment.

Anonymous said...

Intersting write up :) I'm considering setting up a blog to put up my anon thoughts, perhaps. Given what I think I'd write it'd probably fall into the Live Jornal style of life angst, but mo'time sounds more like the bohemiem coffee shop I'd like to hang out at - just (like in real life) I worry I'm not artsy enough :)

-- Anon INTJ

Olivia said...

INTJ - If you don't try, you won't know! Go on, be brave - we might even come over and read it ;)

Anonymous said...

wow girly, you do get around. How do you manage to read up on all these blogs and still write emails. you are amazing.

Will you be able to remember your entire title?


LadyintheMoon said...

Ooh O, you are good! You go, girl! I'm not too familiar with the other bloggers, but you nailed us a Mo'Time.

Never mind what pigboy said... we are not short on Prozac. I think we may take too much!! It's a natural high/low extreme thing we have going on over there.

And the moon thing... It's the women. We love the moon, and love is contagious in any form. The men had no choice but to go along for the ride.:)

Jackal said...

Interesting and informative review of the various blogsites.
I had to smile in recognition of the motimer's!
Good post.