Saturday, July 02, 2005

Honourary Glaswegian

That's what the taxi driver called me between the train station and the hotel, because I would have a degree from Glasgow University. Does this make it an official title?

I've spent enough days in Scotland that my mind is speaking this with a strong accent as I write. And I only arrived in London a few hours ago so it hasn't worn off yet. I am exhausted and you'll find out why when I finish blogging at the end of the weekend.

If you ever wanted to know how to pronounce "Sauchiehall" Street let me tell you now, it sounds like Sockhill.

Honourary Glaswegian or not, I am now officially a - hang on - Philosophiae Magister.
Yep, my entire MPhil degree (a very large expanse of parchment paper) is in Latin, as was the ceremony. At the bottom is a neat little paragraph - in English - mentioning Christie's Education. Gaudiamus igitur.
In 1451, every scholar and faculty member spoke and learned in Latin, and wore their robes, which looked very much like our graduation regalia. Hood and all. But we don't wear the pointy-uppy shoes anymore.


I wrote the above yesterday night not long after I got home but didn't post it, thinking I'd "improve upon it" today. Isn't it oddly random? I decided not to change it.

Slept for 11 hours last night! When was the last time I did that?