Saturday, July 09, 2005


Oh help! I have a song stuck in my head and it won't go away - I woke up with it - all because my CD player went haywire last night and played by itself. It's "Apollo 13" by The Tears, an indie band that Delightful Company loves.

Speaking of Delightful, we were out on Wednesday night around those very areas in the City that were affected by the attacks.
But on a lighter note, if you've never been to the Coq d'Argent at number One Poultry, I highly recommend it for the pricey cocktails and views over the City. Girls, if you don't mind savouring every mouthful, you have to try the Blackberry Manhattan. It made my taste buds think.

Yesterday, as he was told to stay out of the City, Delightful suggested an impromptu afternoon out together and it was very relaxing, so far from the events of the day before. We had a Japanese lunch, the table packed with mysterious little plates and bowls, and then had a nice sit-and-digest in Golden Square with our friends the pigeons.

Spur of the moment, we went to see Batman Begins. Wow...I think it is the best Batman yet, the deepest portrayal; he's dark and full of angst. If it's a prequel, how on earth did he get all camp???

After the movie, D. tried to get us in to Yaugotcha, the most ultramodern tea house I've ever seen. Very smooth - recess lighting, glass surfaces, bouncers at the door. But it was, predictably, all booked. So another time then. He says a cup of tea there ranges from £4 to £25 (That's between $8 and $50.) Oh my gosh.

And, it's still there:
But if you follow me, I will follow you into the unknown,
Like Apollo, like Apollo we'll fly to the moon


Steliano Ponticos said...

Everyone is telling me to see Batman Begins. Last week I went and just as I was buying the tickets I changed my mind and saw Madagascar +)

Olivia said...

The only annoying thing about Superhero movies is that their love-interest/the girl never puts two and two together. As I commented during the movie when Miss Daws, Bruce Wayne's childhood sweetheart, first meets Batman, "What, she can't recognise the entire bottom half of his face???"
Superman is even worse - no mask, he just sheds the glasses and adds a curl. Come on, Lois Lane! Duh!

Now I told you on your page to get back to work so I don't want to hear from you until you finish your report, Mr. Steliano Ponticos +)

Rebecca said...

Hey, just read abour your deep intuition into my "faaabulous" on Ocean's site. he he, had me chortling out loud!

Anonymous said...

hello there ms. olivia! i thought i would visit you over here in your blog for a change. thank you so much for visiting me on mine. yes i agree that this version of batman was the movie to see! i am not one who runs to the theater to see an action flik but this film was quite compelling. i think because they made the hero so very human and un-comic book-ish. is that a word?

well so good to see you and i am so glad that you are safe and okay. it is such a crazy world.

stop back and see me again and we can sit a spell and drink sweet tea. do you like ice-tea?

ms. moonglow

Olivia said...

Moonglow, welcome back and please, call me Olivia. No Ms or Miss for me amongst friends ;)

I miss Peach Tea...but I don't miss Houston summers. We used to make Sun Tea on the deck, oh don't get me started. Instead, you've asked to hear about London. I will do episodes when I can then...there is already some of it here. And I ought to talk about the English countryside too.

JP said...

O, HI O! (Excuse me, I was born there.) I really liked this new Batman as well, from the director of Memento, another great movie. It's so well grounded, you can believe the crazy premise. Remember I mentioned a Chinese curse? I looked it up and of course, it appears not to be Chinese at all. Some people say Jewish or Scottish, others attribute it to Jung or old sci-fi. But it remains an "interesting" idea.

Anonymous said...

Steliano, how was madagascar?
I am gonna need to go see this movie really soon.
I wouldn't miss Houston summers either! they are disgusting!!!!

Olivia said...

Owwwwwwww, JP. Good one ;)

Who knows, the curse may even be Irish.

I like this Batman so much that if they remade all the "sequels" I would follow them.
I once heard a discussion in which it was decided that Batman had finally "grown up".

Olivia said...

V, if you were to try a Dallas summer you'd be hightailing it back to Houston ASAP!

Anonymous said...

O, really? I guess, i better start appreciating Houston. sigh!