Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mission Statements

I always mean what I say
Sometimes I want to speak but don't
Often I think of a response later
Usually think more than I speak

I am patience
But not on a monument
It's copious
Not infinite

My middle name is Loyalty
My motto: "Once a friend, always a friend."
I will be here for you
Whether you like it or not

I'll get back to you as soon as possible
I know what it's like to feel forgotten
It's not nice
I put myself in your shoes

I've given so much of myself to others
I am learning to receive
It's a slow process
But I could get used to it

Practice makes perfect
I can be taken by surprise
Surprises are good
Just need to get used to them

I am sensitive
Sensuous (look it up...)
Flowing deeply
And slightly mysteriously

Too honest for my own good
But it's the best policy
What you see is (not) what you get
Scratch the surface again

I have unplumbed depths
You will find me
You just have to persevere
Discover my world

I am poetic in flashes
It comes as a feeling
Rarely reaches words
Until now

Olivia Klonaris 2005


Caesura said...

You are the kind of friend everyone needs. Simply good. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

oh bravo my girl! i really like it! does this mean you will be sharing more? we would love that!


Olivia said...

Thank you, thank you *curtsy*

Oh yes. After Caesura's last comment, I managed to find my notebook - for some dreadful moments I thought I'd left it in the US.

Jackal said...

'What you see is (not) what you get'

Really dig that line.

Anonymous said...

nice new pic.

love the poem. If only there were more people like you, this would be a better world. You really are a wonderful friend. love you.


Olivia said...

Vanessa - Everything you said - right back to you, sis.

Caesura said...

Hey Olivia! Thanks for the great photos in the "Your photos are ready!" post. I went back and looked at the rest of them. It looks like you had a very nice time. I love to see the acrhicecture, and your mum looks so proud :) Thaks for sharing.

Steliano Ponticos said...

Bravo excellent..I always think of a response later but I am the least patient person I know..I run up stairs in order not to wait for the time it takes to walk all the way up...and I never practice anything I either know how to do it or don't..

Olivia said...

Thank you Steli, and welcome back! I missed you ever so much!

It's OK, I run down the stairs, every time thinking, "A lady must not run down stairs." Yea right! I make up for it by ascending with dignity.

But Steli, whenever you learn something new, you have to practise.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I assure you I NEVER practice..when I learn something its either right away or never..its such a bad habit

Olivia said...

P.S. While you were away I spent too much time at Mo'time, which is why I wrote a poem. They influenced me!

Olivia said...

Oh I get it, it's either right first time or never!

Steliano Ponticos said...

yes that's it Olivia...

Jia Li said...

very good liv, do you have more?