Friday, July 15, 2005

Mixed Bag [Addendum]

Uh-oh. My back was up to more than 80% better and I got into tidying mode. Desperate for a clean carpet, I vaccuumed my room. Fine, but after I put it away...ow...bugger, I think I undid all my days of recovery. Oh no no no!

Feel free to yell at Olivia :(
But only after she fortifies herself with a glass of cold milk and a slice of madeira cake ;)

Too disappointed to enjoy it :'(


Have you seen the new TV ad for the Peugot 1007???
It's absolutely insane and I rather like the soundtrack.


Some of you may recall stating that I can never be cynical. Well, here it is:

Why, oh why? In period dramas, when the handsome hero meets his love interest, it is instantly obvious that she is the only One for him.
He is enthralled by her presence, enslaved by her gaze, inspired by her voice and all the rest. He is either reduced to a shambles or elevated to a dashing charm when she is near. Infatuated, bewitched, and totally in love.

This Romance will remain in the Regency or Victorian novel, methinks. We put the book down and enter into a world where we are not forced to choose between the 5 eligibles at the country house party, but get to sift through the millions in the metropolis like a bee among flowers. Where childhood sweethearts are not still in love after 10 years apart, but where the modern mantra is: There are more fish in the sea. Where long secret engagements do not occur, but people flit about saying, "Maybe the next one will be better...or the next one..."

See? Olivia being cynical. I hope y'all still love me...

(I've been watching "To the Ends of the Earth" on BBC2, based on the novel by William Golding. If he died in the 1990s, how could he have written an accurate portrayal of life on an early 19th C sailing vessel?)

In the next scene, the ship is listing heavily to one side. Three men are sitting at the long mess table, getting drunk, catching the bottles as they slide about, and getting tipped off their chairs at the same time.

Edmund Talbot, the protagonist, is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. That really is his name.


And finally, I watched Big Fish. Very weird.

"I think once a year instead of birthdays we should have an Edward Bloom day where everyone gets to feel great."

Ewan McGregor talking about Big Fish

ADD: Why not have a Birthday and a Bloomday? How would you pick the date?


JP said...

Fortify yourself with ice alternated with a hot pad, and take an anti-inflammatory, like advil. You may have cake.

Caesura said...

lol! Cumberbatch? Could be worse I guess.

***CAUTION Decynicalizing Zone - Hardhats required beyond this point:***

I'm sure the next one will be!


Okay now about your back. AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! There you said we could yell. So are you okay? Better take it easy for a while longer. Have you seen those robotic vacuums that learn the layout of your room and toodle around by themselves? I heard they don't work very well.

If you can you should take a photo of that cake so we can all enjoy some :)

Gosh, first moonglow has ice cream and now you with the cake. I'm hungry over here! Shall I say that in French again? J'ai faim !

Caesura said...

And I am sorry you are in pain. Hope that goes away quickly.

Olivia said...

JP, thank you for the permission, oh you in San Diego.
Thanks for the alternating hot and cold advice. I ought to relent and take an anti-inflamm. Would also take care of the headache. Two birds with one stone.

Olivia said...

Caesura - you write the most diverting comments.
I began to wonder if that actor's ancestors started out by owning a humble cucumber patch somewhere in Hardy country.

Not to worry, I didn't express that cynicism through any *recent* personal experience. I only got exasperated with the dramatic situation, forgetting to put on my rose coloured glasses as I usually do when watching period dramas.

I never want a robot vaccuum.

The cake is not pretty, it's just a golden block. Veux-tu une tranche du gateau? Moonglow ought to come over with her orange sherbet and I'll give her a slice too.

Thanks for the sympathy :}

Caesura said...

Veuillez oui. J'en aimerais. If moonglow brings her serbert we'll all enjoy them together :)

Olivia said...

Caesura - Dis-moi...Where did you learn such good French???

Anonymous said...

Ow! I always said vacuuming was dangerous.... Hope you get better soon. Anything that puts you off cake must be bad :(

However, I do think if the only think you can be cynical about is period dramas, you've got a long way to go in cynic school yet! ;0)

Oh, and further to my comments yesterday about people of personality types annihilating - my previous relationship was with an INTJ and that didn't work out to hot in the end, so maybe there's something to be said for that theory after all :)

-- Anon INTJ

Olivia said...

INTJ - this is what I will call you.

Not just period dramas. I have been known to be a bit cynical about love. And human behaviour, in the moments when I forget I got a psych degree.
Do I advance a bit now?

Yep, I don't think two of the same type would work.

Thanks for revisiting!

Anonymous said...

oh poor, olivia. You really should leave the vacuuming to the boys. I am sure they wouldn't mind to do you a little favor. Just ask with a little smile.


Olivia said...


Boys? What boys? Old M has a hernia and Clogs was out.
It was cleaning day, so I suppose I could have asked Brasilia and paid her extra.

*Everyone: insert cynical comment about singlehood here...then at least I didn't say it ;)

Caesura said...

*Everyone: insert cynical comment about singlehood here...then at least I didn't say it ;)

lol! Olivia you crack me up.

nin said...

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze."
get well soon.....
all the best.....

Olivia said...

Caesura :D

Avik - welcome to my blog. Thank you for a beautiful quote.