Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Romeo e Giulietta

Oh! Serpent-hearted with a flowery face!

---What Juliet exclaimed when she heard Romeo had shed Tybalt's blood.


The original film with Olivia Hussey is on BBC2 at the moment. It just happened to stand out for me, in the midst of my job apps. Like yesterday, 4 before lunchtime. So, 8 in two days. That's a record for me. And I have discovered that my typing speed is between 68 and 74 words per minute.

Last night I waxed lyrical --- it's been many years since I last wrote a poem! I ought to share some of my old ones with you, too. If I can find the notebook.

15th Century Verona: rampaging fathers, hysterical mothers, stubborn nurses, wayward daughters, hot-blooded cousins and tempting lovers.


Caesura said...

Oh yes please do! See if you can find your notebook of poetry. I would like to read some.

Anonymous said...

hey i thought there would be poems here! where are they? come on girl get with it!

ms. moonglow

Olivia said...

Ooh, Ms M - if it will bring you over here again, I am ready to post it now ;)

Jia Li said...

I like the pic

Alter Ego said...

Isn't strange to think Romeo and Juliet actually existed? I visited Verona (I'm sure you have as well) and saw a few operas in the Arena.

Good luck onn your job appts.

(It's me Alohalani)

Olivia said...

Morning, Alohalani/Alter Ego. If I've just started my day, what time is it in Hawai'i?

I was in Verona last summer for lots of Verdi and some Placido Domingo. Wonderful town.