Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh, dash it...!

...As Bertie Wooster would say.

I'm cold. I'm in a huff. I'm tired of looking for a job. "I want one, and I want it NOW!"

And after all my walking this weekend, I am chomping at the bit at having to sit and do typing today. So I'm taking a break to ... um ... type this blog.

And enough of, "I read your CV with interest, but am afraid I won't be taking your application forward at this time."
Plus, cover letters are so cheesy. I'm selling myself and suffering rejection and subsequent disillusion!

They won't know if they like me unless they invite me for an interview. Everyone I've ever worked for didn't want me to leave, but you can't put that on a CV or a cover letter or a civil application.

And now forgive me for complaining; it's not something I like to do to you ;)


So would you like to hear about my weekend?
We did lots of walking and eating out. Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, French. Mum enjoys eating out with me and it's more fun than using the kitchen and taking all the food up to my room.

Friday we went to the O2 Centre on Finchley Road to see Madagascar - it was hilarious! Lots of laughter, lots of allusions that people in double digits would get. (Even American Beauty.)
But the best part was the seawater-spitting scene that had me laughing so hard I cried. And that pompous lemur, King Adrien and his "I like to party-party!" theme.
I say YUM YUM to Cumin, the cool new Indian bistro at the O2.

On Saturday, from SJW through Regent's Park, to Harley Street, to Marylebone, to Regent Street, to Piccadilly Circus, and then home from Abbey Road, we walked 6 miles. That's what my pedometer said.

Sunday was a dratted off-day for me. One cannot feel happy all the time.
Mum and I lounged about feeling lost, doing laundry and ironing. We ventured into the rain to find lunch. The cricket was cancelled so lots of Aussies roamed the soggy streets looking for something to do, until the sun came out and play resumed. Then they won, and flooded the pubs. I have never heard so much noise in St John's Wood. Certainly not with all the English cricket earlier this year ;)

Time for me to return to the job listings...


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of eating :) I'm jealous! I love eating out, just where I live at the moment sucks for it, and adding a train ticket to London to a meal cost makes it a touch expensive to just nip in for a bite to eat :)

I used to live somewhere better kitted out food wise. God do I miss good sushi!

Good luck on the job front - those things suck :( Cover letters are just a crock of poo - everyone knows you're just pimping yourself on them. It's just a lie and everyone knows it yet we still persist in it.

Oh well. Best of luck!

-- Anonintj (got tired of the caps :)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

u know Oli, we have an arabic proverb that says:
the more it takes, the more u'll be well rewarded (roughly translated)
so just be patient, and have faith YOU GONA MAKE IT. if not now, then tomorrow. and belive me -thru my little experience- tomorrow ain't very far :)

my friends who saw Madagascar, said it hilarious as well !
i wished i could go to movies n c it with them.. But i was stuck studing :'(
i belive i gota grap a CD or something n watch it home -all by my self- :)

Jia Li said...

that was tori's 1st a theather

rememberb left hand todsy

Olivia said...

Thanks for the pep talk, INTJ and Blue!

Yum, I love a good sushi. Sorry to hear you're out in the sticks, INTJ.

Blue, try to see Madagascar soon.

Olivia said...

Hey Jia Li, if this last another day will you go to the doctor?

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you have been so patient and you have seen things to work out for you in mysterious ways. This is no different. Blue said it well: have faith.

Would it be possible to drop off your CV at the offices in person. That way they get to see who you are.


Olivia said...

Dropping off at offices you go no further than the would work better for a gallery where the person who runs the place will see you.

Dear Vanessa, thank you for your encouragement ;)

Anonymous said...

It's worth a try. The receptionist might put in a good word for you. The receptionist at Berlitz did for me. Oh, if you get to meet people at the gallery, then what are you doing home tonight..... (if you are home tonight)